NLT's Media Transcoder™

Generate multiple media formats when you Ingest.

Annoucing support for H.264 Avid workflows, now NL Technology supports GOPRO and Canon DSLR cameras such as the 5D and 7D series. These formats are now ingested and transcoded to native Avid formats such as P2 AVCI, XAVC, XDCAM HD or DNxHD.

Media Transcoder offers users the ability to create media formats different from the native format of the source.  The target formats can be resolutions required for full bandwidth editing (ie DNxHD) or low bandwidth portable resolutions for sharing and WAN distribution while original content remains intact. NLT’s Media Transcoder can be integrated with SAT-AutoIngest to provide an integrated hands-free means to automatically generate multiple media formats during the initial file ingest process.

NLT’s Media Transcoder is a perfect solution for organizations which receive original footage from different sources or formats and wish to standardize their editing workflow on a common format. It can also be used to provide “light weight”, low bandwidth, Interplay streamable proxies of the original media which can easily be shared within or outside the organization for reviewing or sharing and are compatible with Avid Interplays WAN workflows.

Using Media Transcoder with SAT-AI provides a hands-free process to generate media in formats optimal to your organizations workflow quickly and automatically during the ingest of the original content. No need for second operations or steps which can possibly be forgotten.  Editing clients and Interplay Access will track the original content’s different formats together as a multiple resolution workflow.

Now configure up to sixteen Transcoder Watch Folders that support Media Transcoding and check into an Interplay Folder from VOD sources such as CBS Newspath, Reuters, CNN others... This allows users to download content using a VOD browser and have it immediately transcoded to a predefined Avid Codec Format(s) then checked into Interplay without further interaction.

Using Media Transcoder is an easy, efficient and automatic method to get you the formats you need in order to use the workflows that are optimal for your organization.