SAT MTC MultiTransport Controller


SAT 2000

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SAT MTC Multi-Transport Controller S/W

Manage custom metadata and control recorders remotely

Manage metadata for each of your SAT 2000 (SD) or SAT3000 (HD) recorders using a standard Ethernet network with the Multi-Transport Controller. The SAT-MTC Multi-Transport Controller software enables you to configure and manage up to 10 SAT Transports simultaneously from any workstation, or laptop. Enter metadata across all recorder and/or unique metadata for each camera angle.

Set global controls such as programming each camera to start recording. Set specific metadata for multiple cameras by indicating which custom metadata each camera will use to operate. For example, globally set all recorders to begin recording and to store the name of the event. Then set camera 1 to shoot wide front, set camera 2 to record left front, set camera 3 to capture rear wing, etc.