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Innovating Avid Digital Workflow Solutions

NL Technology is an award-winning innovator of solutions that bring cost efficiency and automation to file-based acquisition and digital content management workflows since 2000. The talented development team at NL Technology continues to put forth solutions that bring efficiency and cost savings to their customers with tools that enhance and simplify operations.

Broadcast and Production Workflow Products    platformcertified.png

AutoIngest - NLT's world-renowned file ingest solution for Avid Interplay and Shared Editor Workgroups
AutoIngest Direct allows media from leading camera vendors (Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami, JVC, GoPRO, Convergent Technology, Drone video... and more) to be quickly and easily ingested to Interplay for the entire workgroup to access immediately. No need to tie up an editor suite. No need for specially trained staff. Use AutoIngest to quickly and efficiently allow content to reach the production staff.


NLT Nearchive for Avid Interplay with native plugins for
MediaCentral | UX and CLOUD | UX

NLT Nearchive allows sequences, master clips, (other assets types as well) and now iNews stories are moved to secondary storage while the metadata is kept online in the Avid Interplay database. This allows assets to be searched for using standard Avid tools such as Interplay Access and MediaCentral.
Tested and approved for use with DELL/EMC Isilon storage.


NLT Archive the Open Archive for Avid Interplay with native plugins for MediaCentral | UX and CLOUD | UX
NLT Archive for Interplay extends the power of Nearchive by using the  XenData Library Management Software  ( now with support for Microsoft's Azure Blob Storage)  providing 1,000's of TeraBytes of capacity. Users can browse the archive using the chrome browser to search for or view Avid metadata also play the archive's optional H.264 video proxy. To browse for archived content, use the archive browser which is fully integrated within the MediaCentral Platform, or a simple browser can be used without MediaCentral (hence an Avid MC client license is not required). NLT Archive is now certified for use with Spectra Logic's BlackPearl Converged Storage System  


Announcing NLT's Media Transcoder for Avid Interplay
Media Transcoder will give users the ability to create additional media formats from the original format. The target formats can be resolutions required for full bandwidth editing (ie DNxHD) or low bandwidth portable resolutions for sharing and WAN distribution while original content remains intact. Ask about powerful Watch Folder Workflows for Cloud ingest and other automatic import to Interplay options. Do you have a special workflow, contact us.

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