SAT 2000 for Production


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Automates the time-consuming task of digitizing

Create Avid compatible media as you are recording.  No need to digitize because the SAT 2000 does it for you recording directly to FieldPak disk, not to tape making every digital media asset instantly available.

Add metadata before, during, or after recording, or let the SAT 2000 log it for you

Add metadata, (attributes describing the clip you are recording, not camera attributes) before, during, or after capture, or you can use the metadata SAT 2000 Recorder apply to clips automatically for you. The SAT 2000 Recorder captures your metadata in real-time simultaneously as you record  (live Smart Logging) - unlike any product on the market today. Metadata applied are your custom, specific settings. Switch between viewing data and video at the press of a button. View your dailies metadata instantly.

Manage clips you record easily

As easy as you capture, edit, delete, store, save, and manage your own personal digital photos, you can do the same with your studio Production video. Create bins to store clips, organize and manage bins as you do other digital media using the familiar file folder structure. To sort and move clips, use the SAT 2000's LCD panel, or you can use the new SAT PakTools software to manage your bins, project types and metadata.

Create a proxy clip as you record automatically 

You can view Proxy clips with a standard Windows Media Player. Use the Proxy for distributing clips to individuals, archive, or send to a server. Every clip has it's own enhanced, descriptive metadata and time code that matches back to the high resolution video.  Use your USB thumb drive to save or send the proxy as you need to. Use with FieldPaks for increased storage capacities.

Be compatible with the leading industry products

The SAT 2000 uses MXF standard file formats supporting multi-vendor workflows. It is also nonlinear editor compatible with leading industry products from vendors such as Avid, Apple, and Quantel.