SAT 110

Portable, lightweight FieldPak adapter for your PC to access all video and audio media.


 Sat110 adapter


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Get immediate access to digital media recorded in the field or in the edit suite.

Use your computer's USB, 1394 or eSATA interface to connect to the SAT 110 FieldPak adapter. Then insert your FieldPak into the slot of the adapter to view, copy or work with media captured and stored on the FieldPak.

Compatible with all FieldPak storage sizes

The SAT 110 is compatible with all FieldPak sizes, including the new Solid State FieldPak.

Work with multiple FieldPaks at one time

The SAT 110 can be used with another SAT 110 to accomodate two FieldPaks at once, so you can view media from both FieldPaks instantly.