SAT FieldPaks

FieldPaks utilize Solid State or Hard Drive technology to store video and audio files from Ikegami and SAT acquisition equipment, for use on PC or Macintosh computers.

solid state fp blue

Solid State FieldPaks provide media storage capacity for every need.  The Solid State FieldPak performs in higher and lower temperature ranges than traditional hard drive solutions.  The Solid State FieldPak is also vibration resistant, because there are no moving parts.  Solid State FieldPaks are available in three sizes: 40GB, 80GB and 160GB, for over 10 hours of DV25 video on a 160GB FieldPak.   Media on the FieldPak is quickly and easily accessed or transferred to local or network storage.  Solid State FieldPaks are compatible with any SAT  USB 2.0, 1394 or eSATA desktop or laptop adapter.

160gb FP


FieldPaks provide storage capacity for every need, with the ruggedness, reliability, and reusability each industry demands, providing instant access to digital media captured.  Disk Drive based FieldPaks are available in two sizes: 160GB and 250GB capable.  All FieldPak models are AVID DNxHD compatible.


View Solid State Brochure (PDF)

View FieldPak Brochure (PDF)

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