NLT Nearchive™ Appliance

NLT's Nearchive Appliance is the server behind the scene. The Nearchive Client interfaces with users and creates tasks for the server to implement. Once submitted these jobs are processed by the appliance. The server is state-less, which means that if the server crashes or otherwise is stopped. The Nearchive Appliance will just continue processing submitted tasks once it is restarted. Jobs are automatically restarted without data loss.

NLT provides this server and storage system using reliable components which incorporate redundant power supplies and hot swap drive modules. While any storage could be used, NLT's products use high performance RAID 5 technology with redundant hot spare drives providing high reliability. With this technology the system can endure 2 hard drive failures and continue to operate without data loss. Continuous hardware monitoring of the volume sets health is done and periodically a full parity recalculation is performed.

Nearchive is a scalable solution providing up to 400TB of storage. The storage and server modules are rack mounted and use redundant hot swap power supplies and fan modules.  Storage modules are available in 10, 20, 40 and 50TB configurations and up to eight storage modules maybe attached to a server. The server requires one rack unit while the 10 & 20 TB storage modules require 2 rack units, the 40 & 50 TB units require three rack units each.

Using either an Avid's ISIS or Unity storage system, DV25 clips are restored from Nearchive at over forty times playout speed. A single 40TB storage module provides storage for over 2900 hours of DV25 material... or 2000 hours of Sony's XDCAM HD 35Mbps format can be kept ready for immediate reuse. 

The Nearchive Appliance is a fully engineered turnkey solution, however Nearchive can also be purchased as a software solution. Sufficient expertise is required using this option to build (or purchase) reliable storage and servers.

Are you upgrading MediaNet to ISIS

Keep your existing MediaNet storage and use it as a Nearchive solution, ask us how.