NLT Archive™

An open, scalable, affordable archive for Avid's Interplay

NAB 2017    NLT's  Archive and Spectra Logic's BlackPearl Converged Storage Subsystem have joined award-winning forces to provide Avid Interplay Production users a seamless workflow from ingest to archive. Content is easily ingested into Interplay for workgroup access. Sequences and master clips are moved to the BlackPearl Converged Storage System at anytime - prior, during or after production; a view able proxy and associated metadata remain in the Interplay database for later reference. 

Now, using the BlackPearl archive is completely intuitive to Avid users, there are NO new tools to learn. Assets are easily retrieved from the archive by using Avid's search and browse tools which are fully integrated within the MediaCentral Platform, then simply right-click...

By combining NLT’s powerful migration technology that provides the interface to Interplay Production and a library management system, content can be moved quickly from online to a near-line position and later restored to Avid Nexis on-line storage for reuse. Since clip and sequence metadata is always online within Interplay Production, users can quickly find and decide which assets to retrieve from the archive.

  • NLT Archive provides desktop-based archiving and retrieval of media assets such as clips and sequences. The Interplay database tracks media files stored in the LTO library, so team members can look for both archived and online media using a single interface such as Interplay Access or MediaCentral | UX. User's simply select and right click to restore assets, NLT's Nearchive server moves the media assets to the Avid SAN where they appear online automatically.
  • Optionally, the solution indexes content and supports searching independently of the Avid Interplay Production database. All clips written to the archive are cataloged by Nearchive Server’s browser-based asset manager. This configuration makes the entire contents of the archive searchable from any PC, Mac or iPad connected via WiFi, allowing archived files that originated in Interplay Production to be searched and retrieved by users not connected to the production workgroup.
  • In addition to search functions, Nearchive software allows browsing of all assets in the archive via its built-in H.264 streaming player capabilities. When each master clip is saved to the NLT Archive a streamable H.264 proxy file is also placed into a reserved folder structure and associated with the master clip and its metadata.  Users who are browsing assets can play back any clip, as well as scrub within the clip, advance frame by frame and share comments on the clip with their colleagues.

Archive now supports archiving content directly from iNews story queues.  With this standard feature, our application is able to manage and poll designated iNews queues for new stories with linked sequences, extract the related sequence information, and generate a STORE job request to archive the sequence (which pulls in all master clips and relatives).

In addition, we also provide the option to extract the metadata from the iNews news story markup language document and add selected items to the sequence being archived.  This metadata can then be searched using Interplay tools or using the local asset search feature (a browser based function).