Avid Workflow Product Overview



NLT Nearchive

NLT's NearchiveTM is the first caching appliance of its kind to move MXF media between Avid ISIS and the Nearchive automatically. Use economical Raid storage to save clips near-line until they are needed again. Full Interplay integration allows advanced searching for clips. Move assets from Interplay such as master clips, sequences (including effects), subclips and more... also now stories from iNews can be sent to Nearchive (stories are selected automatically using a user defined schedule).
LTO Interplay Archive NLT Archive Using NLT’s powerful Nearchive Server and the massive storage offered by the XenData Library Management Software, users now have a powerful Open Archive solution for Interplay Production. LTO libraries from many manufacturers are supported that cover capacities ranging from entry-level to massive slot counts. Also SONY ODA Version I and II are supported ranging from a stand alone USB 3.0 desktop unit to fiber-channel connected  scalable library modules.
  Media Transcoder NL Technology is pleased to offer the Media TranscoderTM. Media Transcoder will give users the ability to create media formats different from the native format of the source.  The target formats can be resolutions required for full bandwidth editing (ie DNxHD) or low bandwidth portable resolutions for sharing and WAN distribution while original content remains intact.


Are you using a Panasonic P2 or Sony XDCAM camera today?  Now try AutoIngest Direct to bring together the power of low bit rate proxy editing with the clarity of uncompressed audio. AutoIngest brings XDCAM Proxy clips directly into shared storage or into Avid's Interplay Workgroup. AutoIngest automatically replaces the proxy quality audio with uncompressed audio. The power of this workflow is the ability to allow quality editing with large amounts of footage, without large amounts of expensive shared storage. After the editing decisions are made, use your Avid to batch import just the high quality video you need to finish the project.
AutoIngest Importing Tape Databases into Interplay Do you have databases that contain rich metadata entered years ago?  Are you maintaining these databases simply because you do not want to lose this rich metadata?  AutoIngest Metadata can ingest rich legacy metadata, in XML or text format, directly into your Avid workflow.  Rich metadata can then be accessed directly from within the post production workflow and also preserved and maintained along with current metadata assets.  When the legacy asset is digitized or imported, the media file can be quickly "linked" to the original metadata.