DNS 33W for Sports

 dns 33w

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Tapeless acquisition

NLT's Smart Acquisition Technology revolutionizes the nonlinear acquisition process capturing metadata entries so sports clips are logged, instantly ready for retrieval. The DNS 33W produces XOS OMF and MXF standard file formats supporting multi-vendor workflows.

Customized metadata marks for Sports

The only recorder in the Sports industry customized for sports acquisition with embedded sports metadata and creation of 350kbps to 3mbps Proxy video.  Select EOP option to edit the score board and play together as one clip.  Select metadata for Game day or Practice files to log clips as you capture, categorize or sort on your NLE is fast and simple.   Every play is marked with in and out points removing the time consuming task of logging.  The DNS 33W for Sports enables instant access to clips captured.

Manage clips you record easily

As easy as you capture, edit, delete, store, save, and manage your own personal digital photos, you can do the same with your Sports clips.  Organize and manage clips as you do other digital media using the familiar file folder structure. The DNS 33W's color LCD panel makes it easy to create and name clips, or you can use the new SAT PakTools software to manage your custom metadata, format and name your FieldPaks.

Proxy made "behind-the-scenes" for you

Simultaneously record DV25 high resolution and Windows Media video content to FieldPak.  Copy Proxy video to USB Thumb drives from the camera.  Use Proxy Tools to name, move and manage your proxy video.  All logged attribute, timecode and mediafile information are saved in the WMV files.

About compatibility

The DNS 33W uses MXF standard file formats supporting multi-vendor workflows. The DNS 33W is nonlinear editor compatible with leading industry products such as Avid, DVSports, LRS Sports, Webb Electronics, and XOS Technology.