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Wimdows Media Compatible

Produce a copy of every play

Take advantage of the flexibility of the all-digital workflow with the power of Proxy. Proxy is a hardware codec (board) added to your recorder that works with ProxyTools software to create a copy of every clip as you are recording. Media created with Proxy hardware and software can be viewed with any standard Windows Media Player and distributed using CD, DVD, Flash drives, email or web site downloadable. 

Distribute your clips to anyone with a Windows Media Player for viewing instantly.

Synchronize timecode in both video and proxy copy

Count on frames synchronized between the high resolution and Proxy video, so frame 40 contains the same video as the Proxy copy frame 40. Proxy timecode is identical to high-resolution video.

Select your bit-rate and screen size preferences

Selection from 350Kbps to 3Mbps. Selecting 2 Mbs provides quality video with 10 times less storage needs than DV25. Select full screen or quarter screen video to send via email or to distribute to a web site.

View metadata from Windows Media Player

Use NLT's metadata plugin for Microsofts Windows Media Player to view metadata that was logged during acquisition, the same data that will be ingested into your NLE (Avid, XOS Technology, Webb Electronic, DVSport and LRS)

 WMV Broadcast plugin