Step 1.  Get the software from NLT    Use a PC to save the ZIP file to a local folder on your hard drive


Step 2.  The software is in a ZIP file that will need to be un-compressed (unzip the files to your hard drive)


Step 3.  Copy all of the files (that you unzipped,  do not copy the folder) to the top level of a formatted   FieldPak mounted on your computer.  
Un-mount the FieldPak, remove it from the adapter, insert into the SAT Recorder.


Step 4.  Begin the update from a cold start of the SAT Recorder.

a. Turn the Recorder OFF

b. Place the FieldPak with the systems files, into the Recorder

c. Turn the Recorder ON

d. Navigate to the system operations page, press UPDATE SYSTEM





Disruption during a software update

may render the system unusable.


e.  Hold the SHIFT button while pressing OK to confirm update

Please be very patient, the system update time is variable depending on what software components are being reprogrammed.
All updates will take at lease 15 minutes.   If you experience an update longer than this, please call support (978 686 1700 x209) BEFORE you pull power.   The led or buttons will flash in a sequence during the update to indicate progress.   When completed the system may restart and the main screen will be displayed.   Take n otice of the version number in the lower right corner of the screen, it will be the new version number.

The update is complete.
Repeat step 4 to update another SAT Recorder with the software stored on this FieldPak.