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Avid CloudUX customers find Nearchive provides an integrated solution with quick access to Exabytes of nearline archival storage with a simple right-click...

Nearchive allows clips to be moved to secondary storage while the metadata is kept online in the Avid Interplay database. This allows assets to be searched for using standard Avid tools such as Interplay Access or CloudUX. After the clip has been previously saved to Nearchive in its native Avid format, it can be easily moved back to the Avid storage and relinked to the clip making it "online" and usable by the editing or playout software. [Read more]  

NLT's NearchiveTM is a perfect solution for News organizations who now shoot on media which is cost-prohibitive to keep on the shelf (such as flash-based storage). AutoIngest working together with the Nearchive server allows every clip shot to be sent to offline storage automatically. Since Nearchive has saved a copy of all the video and audio files, the Avid Storage can be erased to make room for the next day's news. A week or a month later this footage can be located using Interplay Access, simply search for the story's metadata to find the clips of interest. The Nearchive server then moves a copy of the media from the offline storage to the Avid Storage, clips are immediately relinked and ready for reuse.

Production houses often find that jobs must be put on hold for various reasons. Using NLT's Nearchive solution, the asset remains in the Interplay database, however, the media is moved to offline storage freeing up valuable space for use on the Avid Shared Storage. When work is ready to continue, the media is quickly copied back to Avid storage, the clips automatically relink to the state they were previously.

AutoIngest  can be configured to automatically send all ingested clips to Nearchive. This operation is quick and totally transparent to the AutoIngest user. Now all clips ingested are saved in the Nearchive storage as well as being stored on Avid Shared Storage for immediate use. Later when Avid Shared Storage space is needed, clips can be deleted... when the clips are needed again they are ready to be restored quickly.

NLT's Archive/Nearchive system now supports iNews story and rundown queues. With this new standard feature, our application is able to manage and poll designated iNews queues for new stories with linked sequences, extract that related sequence information, and generate a STORE job request to the archive for the related story's sequence (which automatically archives all master clips and relatives). 

In addition, we also provide the option to extract the Rundown/Story metadata from the iNews Server and add selected items as user attributes to the sequence being archived. This metadata can then be searched with Avid's Interplay search tools or our browser-based archive asset tool.

The only change needed on the Avid iNews is the config file for the iNews server needs to have the WEB API line added to make sure we can connect via iNews web services.  We only connect to iNews when needed so licenses are not held in use.

Using Nearchive is an efficient method of extending your Avid resources without giving up quick access to near-line clips. Avid's Interplay together with NLT's Nearchive server provide this best in class solution.